Welcome to Rodel Busines

Hi, i am developer from México i start programming from 2014 with Game Maker Language (GML).

In January 2015 i start programming with Java & Bukkit with my first plugin "Splatoon" i work with this plugin a couple of months but at that time my knowledge was very low and leave, but anyway with this plugin i create arena system with signs.

And in Octuber 2015 i start with more experience to make my new plugin Invasion now is my best plugin i am updating it and i am happy for it =D

You want a custom plugin?

Now i make new resources for SpigotMC and also i make Custom Plugins

I have like 5 custom plugins finished and i so experienced

You can add my on skype rodelbusiness or contact my on email rodelbusiness@hotmail.com


All plugins follow setted prices here you can see my prices, this prices can change depending the difficulty of the plugin but you can make a idea of the price for your plugins =D

All payments go to be via PayPal and you can pay it before start the plugin or in parts you can't pay it after end the plugin

For more info visit my Terms and Conditions

Minigame Pricing

Fetures Simple Minigame Normal Minigame Mega Minigame
Arena System, Join Signs, Multi-World
Stats (SQL, LiteSQL)
Class System
10-15 USD
20-25 USD
100-300 USD